Monday, October 26, 2009

And Churches Wonder Why Fewer People Attend

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Many recent letters suggest Americans are turning away from God, and the civil marriage law is proof of such a move.

Statistics show Americans overwhelmingly believe in God, however, many, like me, have given up on religion.

Here in Maine, the Catholic archdiocese supports a people's veto of Question 1 and has collected two special donations to defeat it. All this, while the bishop lives in a mansion and the church closes schools and parishes.

A few states away, the Archdiocese of New York has said little about New York's support for civil marriage, as it is more interested in preventing the statues of limitations for cases involving child abuse by priests from being increased. Seems it can't afford any more pedophile lawsuits or it will go bankrupt.

Clearly, the Catholic Church is more interested in being a political action committee than a church.

Protecting its assets is more important than victims' rights or the needs of local parishioners who will go wanting for lack of schools and local churches.

I am disappointed that the archdiocese and other religious groups are supporting the current TV ads that are based on scare tactics and misinformation.

Tactics like these will only lead to more folks leaving churches. As for me, I'll seek out a new church that is affirming and not divisive.

Until then, I'll keep God in my heart, and religion out of my life and wallet.

Carl Harnegie

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