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A Fayetteville priest is removed from pastoral duties after he is accused of sexually assaulting one of the church's parishioners.

The Catholic Diocese of Little Rock removed Father Bradley Barber, 53, from St. Joseph Catholic Church. A 24-year-old man is accusing Barber of sexually assaulting him while he was at the priest's house on August 4.

Both Fayetteville Police and the county prosecutors' office determined a crime was not committed and no charges will be filed. Deputy Attorney Dustin Roberts says both men were drinking around 3 a.m. when the alleged incident happened.

"Through the investigation we determined it was some kind of sexual act, we can't say any force to the element of filing rape," said Roberts.

The Catholic Diocese didn't have a comment and referred all questions to their web site, www.dolr.org. The church parishioners were alerted of the priest's removal during Sunday masses.

Bishop Anthony Taylor is making a visit to St. Joseph Catholic Church for mass on Monday night. He is expected to say prayers for the accuser and Father Barber.

Father Barber has lived in Fayetteville since 2007. He is a former Episcopal priest who converted to Catholicism. He has a wife and four children.