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Young man Accuses Priest of Sexual Harassment

Originally published: July 07, 2009 12:54:00 PM
Last updated: July 07, 2009 05:02:09 PM
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A young man from an east coast community in Dominica has accused a Catholic priest of that same area of alleged sexual assault.

The young man - in his late 20s - told Dominica News Online that if the matter is not addressed at a religious level, he will include the authorities.

“That started happening since I was younger. I am a Catholic and I always take part in church activities. I have been at the forefront of all the activities in church and our father (priest) and I became very close. He always gave me nice things and send me gifts on special occasions but I never took that for nothing," he said.

According to the individual, who prefers to remain anonymous, things started getting bizarre several months ago.

“A few months ago I realise that he would call me for no real reason. He started calling at late nights and toning down his voice when he calls. He would try and talk in a sexy kind of way and that started to frighten me,” he said.

The young man told DNO further that it was not until six weeks ago that things took a turn for the worst.

“He gave me a ride after church and he tried to touch my private part. Then that night he called me and told me that he wanted me to come over to his place and that he had already purchased the condoms. I frighten. I am checking but if I hearing real or I dreaming. I told him I not getting involved in these things. He told me that he loved me,” he said.

He added: “that take me by shock. I never imagined I would be in a situation like that. After that I hung up the phone on him because I was dumbfounded. Since after that I refuse to talk to him."

The youngster said he has missed church several times all in an effort to avoid the priest in question.

When DNO asked why he did not take up his matter with the Bishop of Roseau, he said, “Well I already informed another priest who said that he would take up the matter on my behalf. If I don’t get the results I want then I will go to the police and I will make his name public.”

Roman Catholic churches around the world have dished out billions of dollars in compensation to hundreds of victims who accused several priests of sexual abuse.

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